Can wasps understand humans? (Unexpected Truth)

Wasps have sharp senses of taste and smell. They also possess advanced ways of communication that help them to transfer the needed information about danger or threats quickly in order to protect their nests. These ways heavily rely on their senses and ability to recognize certain messages by using these senses. Wasps do not understand … Read more

Can You Outrun Hornets? (with Priceless Numbers)

Generally, wasps are good flyers. Most species of wasps can fly at a few miles per hour. The flying speed of wasps depends not only on their flying abilities but also on external factors, such as wind, and internal factors like the feeling of hunger. You can outrun hornets over very short or very long … Read more

Why Do Wasps Eat Spiders? (Easy Answer)

Wasps usually don’t eat their prey, as they must feed their young. Social wasps catch insects, chop them, and then take the parts to their nest. There are spider wasps that paralyze their prey using sting that has venom. There are around 5000 species of spider wasps. Solitary and social wasps usually feed on sugary … Read more

Can Wasps Hover? (Little Known)

Wasps are easily confused with various other (harmless) insects. One characteristic which can be used to determine if a yellow-black insect is a wasp is its ability to hover (or not). Wasps can hover, fly vertically, or upwards in certain situations when they need it, but they don’t use it very often as this maneuver … Read more

Are wasps clean or dirty? (Practical Knowledge)

Wasps are frequent guests on picnics, as they hear the smell of food they love the most – the one that has sugar. They sense the sugary food and take it to their nest to feed the larvae. Even though the pieces of food they take can not be clean, the wasps are still considered … Read more

Wasps, Hornets and Honey – Surprising Facts

Wasps, hornets, and bees are closely related to each other. They are colonizing Hymenoptera, which are most active in summer. However, they differ not only in their size but also in their way of life and food. A distinctive property of bees is the formation of honey, which is mainly used for the development of … Read more

Jewel Wasps – All About the Roach Killer

The gorgeous colors of jewel wasps may be quite misleading. They are predators with neurotoxic venoms that help them to hunt their prey. These small wasps are able to attack roaches that are twice as big as they are. The female wasps are 22 mm long, while males are even smaller, as they don’t have … Read more

7 Things You Should Do When a Wasp Lands on You

You know this feeling when you just enjoy your time on a picnic or family gathering in nature, and suddenly see an unwanted guest – a wasp. The wasps love these activities, as it’s a great opportunity for them to get some sugary foods, which they love the most.  The first thing that you immediately … Read more