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About Martin Dawson

Martin Dawson is the guy behind this site. He’s in charge of all the content and editing.


Hi, I am Martin. Pest enthusiast for many years..

I am 37 years old and grew up in a rural area. My childhood was determined by endless hours in the forest and nature. Even if I moved to a more urban area I own a house with a small piece of forest. So my direct surroundings are still shaped by a lot of nature (which I do enjoy a lot).

As a result, I have always had contact with various animals and insects. And I’ve always found this topic exciting.

Since being a house owner myself I had widened my experience a lot. This comes with my natural interest and joy of reading studies but was forced also by some unjoyful experiences in this new environment.

When we moved in, we had a woodpecker in the facade. Shortly afterward the ants came into the house and little later wasps into the roller shutter boxes.

Martens visit the roof and in the car, as well as a snake in the basement, was also among the problems.

Mice have taken up residence in the insulation and aphids have populated the garden.

There are also ants (with really poisonous bites) in the garden.

This is only a small insight into the diverse world of pests and the active experience that I have gained.

For all pests, I took on the treatment myself and tried various methods. Therefore, I am very familiar with the tips and the pages on the Internet. I know from my own experience what works and what doesn’t.

I would like to pass this experience on.

My articles are supplemented (where possible) with scientific studies and tests in order to be able to cover existing impressions with evidence.

Over the years I have read into many topics and after my actual studies at the time, I have now deepened my active, practice-oriented research.

This experience paired with the research forms the foundation of pestABC.com and should help you to fix your pest problems quickly, effectively, and inexpensively.