How to Identify Signs of Ant Infestation and Control Them

You’ve unexpectedly become an involuntary host to a group of unwanted guests – ants. Not just one, not two or three, but hundreds of them! Like uninvited soldiers, they’re marching relentlessly throughout your home establishing their presence with impunity. Left untreated, these tiny invaders could wreak havoc on both your food pantry and peace of … Read more

Ant Exterminator Cost: Understanding Pricing and Services

exterminator ants

Ant invasions are a common issue for many homeowners. When the occasional lone ant becomes a larger infestation, professional extermination services become a necessity. Typically, experts in ant removal will tackle the infestation at its source using a range of methods. They also often provide advice on how to keep ants from returning, preserving the … Read more

Why can’t ants walk on chalk or ink? (Quickly Answered)

In the warm season, ants are particularly active and spread rapidly. They can be seen almost everywhere and populate gardens, terraces, and houses. Usually, they appear in large numbers and their presence can be uncomfortable and annoying. This need for simple and effective tools keeps videos and tips popping up recommending the use of chalk … Read more

Does Lysol Kill Ants? (Must Read Before)

Many people have reported problems with ants infesting their homes, and they’ve often wondered how to get rid of them. Lysol is a common answer to this question, as many people recommend it without ever trying it. Lysol is generally known as a substance that will kill anything, so people naturally deduce that it will … Read more

Can Ants Get Out Of Vacuum Cleaner? (Quick Facts)

Ants in the apartment and in the house are a nuisance that you would like to get rid of immediately. Reaching for the vacuum cleaner is tempting and yet the question arises if ants can survive vacuuming and crawl out again after being sucked in. Ants that have been picked up by a vacuum cleaner … Read more

What Are the White Things Ants Are Carrying?

Ants are absolutely fascinating creatures with many people being absolutely intrigued by the way their communities function. These small beasts seem to hone the power of something much stronger. Many people have also noticed that ants seem to be carrying something white, resembling a small white ball, and they’ve wondered what it was. So, what … Read more

Can Black Ants Jump? (Quick Facts)

Ants are an incredibly fascinating species and there’s never a shortage of things about them that make our jaws drop. We’ve all seen flying ants, and now there’s apparently a species of ants that can jump. However, since this is relatively unexplored, there are many people wondering exactly what subspecies of ant this is, and … Read more