Do Wasps Lay Eggs In Figs? (3 minute read)

Figs are trees with a special characteristic, as some species need small wasps for pollination, that in turn enter the fruit to lay their eggs in it. But the wasps cannot place their offspring into this special fruit – so there are no wasp eggs in your figs. You won’t find wasps in your fig … Read more

Can Wasps Die From Heat? (Facts You Should Know)

Wasps are particularly active in summer and at high temperatures. Nest building is in full swing and the great need for food often brings them to our tables and gardens. But how well do wasps tolerate heat? Do they even die at a certain temperature? Wasps are cold-blooded and do have only limited possibilities for … Read more

Do Wasps Come Out In The Rain? (Finally Explained)

Wasps are the least popular insects when it comes to outdoor activities. Their presence often causes discomfort and the (latent) fear of being stung. A clash usually takes place in the sunshine, since humans rarely organize a picnic in storms. But how do wasps and hornets actually behave when it rains? Can wet wasps fly … Read more

Do Wasps Poo Or Pee? (The Dirty Facts)

Wasps are normal in the warm season and we encounter them every day when we are outdoors. Their coexistence and behavior are fascinating and amazing at the same time and so we ask many questions about their flight behavior, nest building, and flight times. But also about aspects of daily life such as: Do wasps … Read more

Can wasps hear? (Function, Limitation, Ultrasound)

Dealing with wasps is complicated and the recommendations for correct behavior are often contradicting. While it is clear that hectic movements should be avoided, there is uncertainty as to whether noise affects the insects. For this, it would be necessary for the yellow-black insects to be able to perceive them. So the question arises: can … Read more

Does Hairspray Kill Wasps? (Read This First)

Wasps can truly be menacing if they have built a nest near your home. They’re actually dangerous animals if they attack in a swarm, and many people are wondering what alternative steps can they take instead of calling in an exterminator. Hairspray is used for a lot of things and it contains a lot of … Read more

How Long Do Wasps Live Without Food or Water?

Wasps are an incredibly interesting species that cover almost every part of the planet. They’re mainly predatorial, which is something that a lot of people don’t know, and they need to feed constantly. It can often happen that a wasp gets stuck in a place where it can’t get to food and water. For that … Read more

How Long Does It Take for a Wasp to Die in a House?

It’s not uncommon for a wasp to wander into a house and not know how to get out anymore. This is actually quite common, and unless it’s the queen, other wasps will not follow it. Many homeowners don’t want to kill these animals, so they just let them die from natural causes, but this may … Read more