Why Do Male Wasps Die After Mating? (And why NOT)

The process of dying after reproduction is extremely rare among mammals, but it does not mean that it’s not common in nature. Many different plants, vegetables, basically all plants that only live for one year use this way of reproduction. The process is called semelparity, or suicidal reproduction is also common among some frogs, lizards, … Read more

Why Do Yellow Jackets Eat Each Other? (Murder Facts)

Yellow jackets stand out from other wasps with their lifestyle. They build large colonies and huge nests in trees and the ground. Yellow jackets are partial predators, so they eat insects, so the question arises if they do eat each other too? Yellow jackets can eat each other, as they are carnivorous and eat insects. … Read more

Do Wasps Sense Fear? (Definitive Answer)

Wasps have an extremely good sense of smell and taste. Even the slightest trace of food on our skin can attract wasps. There is some misconception that wasps can sense that you are afraid of them and because of that will be more aggressive and will sting you after all. There is no scientific evidence … Read more

Do Wasps Play Dead? (Little-known)

There is a common behavior among many mammals, insects, and reptiles. They play dead or show their immobility. When these animals need to face a situation that can be dangerous for them, they may appear lifeless. Some animals even use special odors that are similar to the smell of decaying flesh to persuade their potential … Read more

Can Wasps Regrow Wings? (Myth Solved!)

Insects don’t have abilities to regrow lost parts of their bodies, like reptiles. The wings are one of the most important parts of the wasp body, that’s why when the insect loses them, there’s a high chance that this wasp is going to die soon. Wasps can’t regrow their wings. The wings are a sign … Read more

Can Dead Wasps Sting? (Painful Facts)

When a wasp dies what happens to its sting? Is wasp still able to sting after dying? These are very interesting questions. In order to answer them, we need to learn about how the wasp stinger works. It is not that complicated as it seems and this information will help us to better understand the … Read more

Are Wasps Furry or Fluffy? (with Pictures)

For most people, the word “wasp” elicits a scary yet confusing image. Most people will often confuse a wasp with a bee. Well, wasps are slender with a particularly narrow waist. Their bodies are shiny and smooth, and they have six extremely slim legs. One question usually abounds in the minds of most people, are … Read more

Are Wasps Older than the Dinosaurs? (Finally Clear)

It’s very interesting to know whether wasps are older than the dinosaurs, as they managed to not only evolve through time but also outlive dinosaurs. And the fossils – the mineralized remains of dead organisms – state that the wasps are quite old. The dinosaurs appeared on earth around 245 million years ago, while the … Read more

Can Wasps Lay Eggs In Humans? (Thrilling Facts)

Wasps are known for disrupting summer picnics, generating anxiety in people of getting stung, and cause some major uncertainty. In addition to this unfounded fear, there are many other misconceptions about these insects. A lot of people wonder how wasps lay their eggs and some have even heard that there are parasitic wasps that place … Read more

Can Wasps and Bees Live Together? (Revealed)

Wasps and bees are two species that are often seen in summer when playing outdoors or having a picnic. Seeing them at the same spot is rare, but can happen. So, people often think that wasps and bees can live together without any problems, but it turns out that this is far from the truth. … Read more