Sevin Dust on Dogs (Read This First)

Sevin Dust is a famous product that many pet owners use to get rid of many different kinds of fleas, mites, and any other sort of pest that may be dangerous for their dogs. It’s caused a lot of questions over the past few years, with the most important one clearly being: how safe is it to use Sevin Dust on dogs? This isn’t without reason, as Sevin Dust is literally poison, a poison that’s supposed to kill fleas and mites, not your dog. So, is it safe to use Sevin Dust on dogs?

Do not apply Sevin Dust on your dog. Using Sevin Dust on your dog harm and poison your pet. You can read that in the instruction manual. You should apply it to your dog’s kennel, not on the dog’s coat, and only then will it actually be safe to use. Sevin Dust is not supposed to be applied to dogs.

There are many questions that are rightfully here to be posed regarding Sevin Dust. Many people have made mistakes by applying this on their dogs and poisoning them. So, today, we’ll be taking a look at this product, telling you exactly what it’s useful for, how to use it and even more importantly: how not to use Sevin Dust.

Let’s get started!

Is Sevin Dust Safe for Dogs?

Sevin Dust is safe to use around dogs, but it shouldn’t come into contact with your dog.

You have to understand that this is literally a poison that’s here to kill a bunch of pests, however, the reason it’s so effective is the fact that it’s a potent poison. So, you’re supposed to spray it around your dog’s kennel, not on your dog.

The best way to use Sevin is to close your dog’s kennel, or whatever other places you think may have fleas and mites, and spray it around. Let it settle, and in the meantime lock it, and don’t let your dog get in contact with the dust. (Again: This is poisonous)

It will kill all pests, or at least that’s the idea, but it will harm your dog if it gets on it, as well.

Don’t even spray it on your dog indirectly, as it’s not only poisonous for their skin, but they’re likely to lick it, which will cause your dog to put itself into lethal danger. So, Sevin Dust is safe for dogs, but only for kennel use and you can only let the dog back later.

It may sound obvious but we heard some horror stories in the last months. A friend of mine used Sevin Dust in the garage and couldn’t imagine his dog would get into this. But he did. And came in direct contact with the poison that resulted in convulsions – within 12 minutes.

A veterinary could barely safe his life by applying activated charcoal.

Don’t let this happen to your dog!

The take-away here is “Read the labels, follow the directions, and use your head!”

Since Sevin Dust is a true poison it is only a question of the wrong dosis to become really harmful.

Everything can be poisonous if we use too much of it.

You, as a human, can even die from drinking too much water. And animals do even have a less effective barrier of protection.

Onions are dangerous for hamsters, milk for dogs, chocolate for cats, and so on. There is a good reason for staying all-natural and avoiding artificial products and substances.

How is Sevin Dust Intended to Use?

Sevin Dust kills more than 65 different species of pests, including fleas.

However, it’s not labeled for every insect. Sevin Dust won’t kill ticks and bed bugs and shouldn’t be applied to them. So if you’re having problems with those, you should look into other options.

To use Sevin, you should follow certain precautions.

  • Always use protective gear, as you do not want to get this on your skin.
    Wear long pants, a long sleeve shirt, socks and shoes, chemical resistant gloves, and a dust mask before Sevin dust application.
    These products are irritating to the skin even in the dust form, so you shouldn’t be more casual around them just because they’re in the form of dust.
  • Always shake the container before applying Sevin, and make sure that it’s not windy outside – that’s the best way to prevent getting any in your eyes.
  • Don’t use this indoors, as it can’t be vacuumed properly. Reapply it at least once a week.
  • Don’t let your dog, or anyone for that matter, enter a treated area until the dust settles.

If you ever get any Sevin in your eyes call 911 or have someone drive you to the hospital – don’t try to drive yourself (unless absolutely necessary), as it will render your sight useless and you might be temporarily blind.

How Does Sevin Dust Work?

Sevin Dust uses Carbaryl as an active ingredient. This substance blocks an enzyme (AChe) that is responsible for some neurological transmissions. The blocked enzyme can’t split up the transmitting substance (ACh) anymore which accumulates uncontrolled.

This leads to overstimulation of the inner organs. Gastric cramps, lung failure, and muscle spasms are the results.

The poison applies to all living creatures because Sevin Dust is not selective. It will harm pests as well as all beneficiaries (like bees).

Since insects are very small tiny doses will lead to a fast death.

Is Sevin Dust Safe for Humans?

No, Sevin isn’t safe for any living being – that’s why it’s so good at killing pests. It likely won’t kill you (unless you literally eat it in high quantities), but it’s definitely going to cause digestive issues and dermatological issues with your skin.

Despite human skin being relatively resistant, it’s still vulnerable to Sevin. You definitely shouldn’t be applying Sevin on yourself, and if you do come into contact with it, make sure to wash it off and go to the hospital (with the product label or container!)


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