Ants Recommendations

Ants are a big nuisance and can be harmful to your home if specific species are at work. They appear out of nowhere as the temperature rises and don’t go away on their own.

We recommend catching some individuals and magnifying them to identify the species and gain insights into their potential danger and behavior.

After that, it is a viable option to fight them on your own. We found the following baits to be most effective in the long run:

  • Fipronil baits
  • Spinosad baits
  • Methopren baits (Pharao ants)

If you create your own bait you should use a solution with honey or liverwurst as the main attractor and add Fipronil as the pesticide.

The worker ants will carry the bait (and pesticide) into the nest and to the queen. Once the queen is sufficiently poisoned the ant colony will disappear.

Bed Bug Recommendations

After doing a lot of research, we found some products we can recommend for treating bed bugs.

These are the top 5 results (out of our extensive 139 remedies article):

These products are green AND effective. Science Based.

Check those links to find out more about the efficacy and some other partially recommended remedies. We have also some surprises (like DEET, Camphor and Yeast) for you.

Wasps Recommendations

Fighting wasps is a task we recommend hiring a professional for. You need some experience, protective clothing, and some gear (fumigator, big basket) to catch the colony.

Destroying the nest with chemicals should only be considered if other measures are not successful or possible.

In this case, you should let a professional do the job and avoid the risk of an angry wasp colony.