Does Bed Bug Spray Kill Roaches? (With Products)

Cockroaches are definitely a problematic species for humans as they love to nest in houses. Most people call the exterminator as soon as they see cockroaches in their home, but many opt for different solutions. Bed Bug spray could be one of those alternative solutions. If it kills bedbugs, it should be able to kill other insects too, right? Well, today we’ll be answering the question: does bed bug spray kill roaches?

Most bed bug sprays will kill cockroaches. These sprays usually use chemicals that are toxic for all bugs, not just bedbugs, but they’re less effective on roaches. There are specialized roach sprays that you can purchase which will be a much better fit for your cockroach problem.

When coming up with a solution to your insect infestation problem, calling the exterminator may not be necessary. Not all insect infestations are that serious that you have to reach for that measure, but there certainly are infestations that can get to that.

Today, we’ll be taking a more intense look at cockroaches and how to solve the problem of these uninvited guests in your home. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at different bug sprays to see if they kill cockroaches, how they do it, and why this isn’t the best option.

Let’s get started!

Does Bed Bug Spray Kill Roaches?

Most bed bug sprays will also work on cockroaches. Their active ingredient will be effective against most insects. The grad of efficacy depends upon the exact chemical and the percentage in the spray.

However, this doesn’t mean that it’s the best solution to this problem. There are specialized sprays that are made exclusively for cockroaches and it’d be best to use those.

Will Raid Bed Bug Spray Kill Roaches?

Yes, Raid’s bed bug spray will kill roaches. Despite being marketed as a spray that’s supposed to be used only on bed bugs, it’s actually quite useful against all kinds of pests.

It contains Metofluthrin (a pyrethroid) which is highly effective against insects (and even more with the contained Piperonyl Butoxide that accelerates the impact).

However, Raid has a specific line of roach bed bug spray which is recommended for killing cockroaches.

Does Hot Shot Bed Bug Spray Kill Roaches?

Hot Shot bed bug spray will not kill roaches effectively. It contains Imiprothrin (a synthetic pyrethroid) that also works on roaches but is not as efficient as other insecticides (see this study).

This brand has an entire line just for killing cockroaches, and these products will also kill bed bugs, but bed bug sprays won’t kill roaches. This spray kills bed bugs, bed bug eggs, and fleas by contact, however, it will not kill roaches.

Does Harris Bed Bug Spray Kill Roaches?

Harris bed bug spray will kill roaches. Its primary use is to kill bed bugs, but it is effective against lice and cockroaches.

The active ingredient is Imiprothrin (also a synthetic pyrethroid) that is used in many household insecticides and widely popular in agriculture.

How Does Bed Bug Spray Kill Roaches?

The aerosol insecticides will kill all insects that are exposed to the spray. However, the insects still hidden will remain unharmed. These sprays use pyrethrins and pyrethroids to kill bed bugs, and these are used to kill all insects, not just bed bugs.

Pyrethrum and pyrethroids are contact poisons that irreversibly block the voltage-dependent sodium channels in the nerve membranes so that they cannot be closed again from the open state. Blocking the sodium channels leads to spastic paralysis of the insects and a rapid immobilizing effect, which occurs before death and is known as “knockdown”.

The effective sprays use a high concentration of pyrethrins, that’s why it can kill all insects. According to some manufacturers it “Kills even the toughest pyrethroid-resistant” insects. It will knock the pest quickly, as soon as they come into contact with the spray.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Bed Bug Spray for Roaches?

Bed bug sprays, however efficient they may be against bedbugs, are still not as efficient against other bugs. This is because bed bugs require very little of those chemical compounds to die, so these sprays are not highly potent.

Cockroaches are much more resilient than bed bugs, and they are not as easily killed.

If you’re looking to kill the cockroaches in your home, you should look into buying cockroach spray. These sprays are much more potent than bed bug sprays and they’ll certainly take care of that problem for you.

It makes little sense to spend money on bed bug spray to kill cockroaches as they usually cost the same as cockroach sprays, but they’re much less effective.

Not all insects are the same, and some are more resistant to bug sprays than others. This is why you should always opt to use actual roach sprays or really strong bug sprays, as there are many bed bug sprays that won’t be applicable here.

If you have a really serious infestation, though, you should probably call an exterminator in. There’s only so much you can do without professional equipment, and it’s always safer to call in a professional.

However, if you’re only facing a minor infestation, then you should probably be able to take care of it on your own.

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