Moths And Water And Rain (with Captivating Vids and Facts)

Moths are fascinating and one of the most diverse species on the planet, constantly catching the intrigue of entomologists, wildlife researchers, and avid bug collectors alike. One of their most talked-about aspects in the scientific community is their relation to rain and water. How do they fair during rainfall or in aquatic conditions?  Most species … Read more

139 Potential Bed Bug Killers and their Effectiveness

bed bug killers

This epic guide is based on research and experience. It leads you through the jungle of remedies and insecticides against Bed Bugs. We cover the details of each one, rate it, and give you our final recommendation. You can navigate with the following search field, use the search option of your browser, take a look … Read more

Can Bed Bugs Live on or Inside Your Genitals?

bed bug genitals

This sounds like a scary scenario, one that is enough to make you lose your sleep. After all, you do not want bed bugs anywhere and especially not on your private parts. But can these tiny pests invade your genitals and live there? Bed bugs do not live on or inside your genitals or any … Read more

How Do You Get Baby Bed Bugs?

Baby bed bugs could be the reason you are not having a good sleep. These tiny pests can ruin your peaceful home environment by infesting your home. Now the question is, how do you get baby bed bugs? You can get baby bed bugs from various sources, and one of the main sources is an … Read more

Can Baby Bed Bugs Jump or Fly? (2-minute read)

Baby bed bugs are immature, juvenile bed bugs that have recently developed from eggs. But they can still be as much of an annoyance as the adult bugs. So, how do these bugs move around and infest your house? Are they capable of jumping or flying? Bed bugs are incapable of flight as they do … Read more

Bed Bug Colors (with Pictures and some Surprises)

When most people think about bed bugs, they probably imagine a small, reddish-brown, bloodsucker. But that is only one of the forms a bed bug can take. These tiny crawlers have a fascinating life cycle, during which they change shape, size, and color. So, what exactly is the color of bed bugs?  The color of … Read more

Bed Bugs and Bug Zappers (I didn’t know)

We try all sorts of different methods in our quest to vanquish bed bugs from our residence. Needless to say, some methods are less effective than others and possibly even harmful. So, what about bug zappers? Are they an effective measure against bed bugs?  Bug zappers are an ineffective tool for eradicating bed bugs. These … Read more

Bed Bugs and Your Food (Essential Knowledge)

Bed bugs on their own are a major source of headaches for any household. Unfortunately, their existence has also led to many misconceptions. One of the more prevailing misconceptions is regarding bed bugs and food. Do bed bugs infest typically infest inside your food stock? Bed bugs will not infest your food because they are … Read more

Bed Bugs and Water (Breathtaking Facts)

If you ever had bed bugs, you know how much of a headache they can cause. The thought of these little critters sucking your blood at night is enough to make you sleepless. So, how do we get rid of this pest problem? And is using water going to help in any way?  Bed bugs … Read more

Bed Bugs and Yarn (Solution Included)

Bed bugs are insects everyone wants to eradicate from home. Unfortunately, bed bugs and yarn appear as collaborative elements. Yarn is a thread-like material to woven cloth known as fabric, although people often use yarn and fabric interchangeably. Bed bugs can hide in yarn but on rare occasions. You can get rid of bed bugs … Read more