7 Reasons Why Bed Bug Treatment Is So Expensive

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Bed bugs are one of the worst infestations that can happen in a home. They are remarkably hardy bugs that can live for long periods of time in any kind of soft furniture. This often means that professionals have to come into a home and perform a treatment that is invasive and expensive. Almost all … Read more

Moths: Complete Nest Guide

The world of moths is a diversely fascinating and extensive realm of knowledge. This is why researchers and bug enthusiasts alike have been enamored with many aspects of a moth; from its colorful scales to its interactions with light. But where exactly do these bugs live? How do they find shelter from the cruel parts … Read more

Moths And Light (Attraction, Navigation, and More)

Moths are nocturnal insects and questions about their connection with light are quite common. Even though they start flying in the night, it is known they always seek the light and they fly towards it. However, you might notice that they fly toward different sources of light, and this raises the question of the kind … Read more

How Long Can a Moth Survive in a House?

When people encounter a moth, they probably imagine a garden or the park where the moths hang near flowers. Or you might think of a swarm of moths hovering around a street lamp. But it is very common to encounter them inside your home, especially in the attic or basement. So, how do these creatures … Read more

Feelings of a Moth (and why Brain Size matters)

On the surface, this may seem like a trivial question. After all, moths are such simple creatures and we have yet to entirely figure out how our own emotions work. But moths do possess a nervous system, which is vital in generating feelings in humans. So, do insects such as a moth also feel emotions … Read more

Moth’s Respiration System (Caterpillar to Adult Moth)

Breathing is a necessity for all insects and moths are no different. After all, they constantly fly around at night so they definitely need plenty of oxygen for energy. But have you ever wondered how they pack a respiratory system inside such a small body?  Similar to other insects, a moth breathes through spiracles (tiny … Read more

Do Moths and Butterflies Get Along?

Moths and butterflies belong to the same group of insects, which is the order of Lepidoptera. As such, they share more than a few similarities, making it confusing to distinguish them sometimes. Despite their shared ancestry, are moths and butterflies hostile towards one another or do they get along?  Typically, moths and butterflies can coexist … Read more

Moths And Sleep (No One Talks About)

Sleep is such a fundamental process for humans that it may seem impossible to sustain life without it. But sleeping habits in animals can be quite different than ours, especially in invertebrates. So, how exactly does a moth sleep? Similar to other insects, moths enter a sleep-like state to rest and recharge. They sleep during … Read more

Does Touching a Moth Kill it? (No more uncertainty!)

Touching a moth for the first time can lead to some confusion and tension. It feels as if their skin is crumbling into dust and coming off. This might give an unsuspecting person the impression that touching a moth will kill it. But is that true?  Simply touching a moth will not kill it instantly … Read more