Bed Bugs and Water (Breathtaking Facts)

If you ever had bed bugs, you know how much of a headache they can cause. The thought of these little critters sucking your blood at night is enough to make you sleepless. So, how do we get rid of this pest problem? And is using water going to help in any way?  Bed bugs … Read more

Bed Bugs and Yarn (Solution Included)

Bed bugs are insects everyone wants to eradicate from home. Unfortunately, bed bugs and yarn appear as collaborative elements. Yarn is a thread-like material to woven cloth known as fabric, although people often use yarn and fabric interchangeably. Bed bugs can hide in yarn but on rare occasions. You can get rid of bed bugs … Read more

Bed Bugs – What They Are (and What They Are Not)

There is a good chance you have encountered these little creatures before. Bed bugs love to hide in your beds and mattress and feast on human blood at night. Bed bug infestation is a fairly common household problem that can be quite harmful. But what exactly are these bloodsuckers even? Bed bugs are tiny insects … Read more

Bed Bug Nests [Complete Guide]

Bed bugs are abundant and cause numerous complaints. They seem to come out of nowhere and are rarely sighted. But how do bed bugs actually live together? Is there a nest in which they hide and reproduce together or are they solitary? In this article, we’ll explain everything there is to know about bed bug … Read more

Are Bed Bugs Cannibals? (Unexpected Facts)

There are previous studies that actually stated that insects under laboratory conditions can be cannibals. However, recent studies show the opposite. Cannibalistic behavior doesn’t occur in bed bugs. Generally, bed bugs feed exclusively on human blood, but not on each other or any other insects. Studies show that there are no signs of cannibalism behavior … Read more

Are Bed Bugs Blind? (Easy Explained)

Many scientists believe that bed bugs don’t have good vision. They even state that bed bugs can be blind. The scientists also suggested that bed bugs find their hosts and food sources by using random search. However, entomologists do not believe that this is the truth. Bed bugs don’t use random searches to look for … Read more

Are Bed Bugs Edible? (Uncovered)

Bed bugs can become very annoying issues. These small brown insects feed solely on blood in order to survive. They feed on animal or human blood. The bed bugs can feed on warm-blooded animals, such as cats, birds, and dogs. They are considered to be public health pests.  If you eat a bed bug, you … Read more

Does Painting the Walls Help Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

Bad bugs can bring many inconveniences. You can get rashes and itchy areas all over your body and even allergic reactions. Bed bugs have shown to possess good hiding and survival skills, so it’s definitely not the easiest thing to get rid of them.  An adult bed bug is a quarter-inch long, the size of … Read more

Does Pine Sol Kill Bed Bugs (Easy Explained)

Most of us use Pine Sol as a household cleaning product without knowing whether we can use it for other purposes. Wouldn’t it be great if Pine Sol could help us repel or kill pests? Some people claim that Pine Sol can kill bed bugs, but could the claim be true? Pine Sol will kill … Read more